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The Water We Drink Report for 2012 now available

CBB has recently posted our 2012 Consumer Confidence Report (also known as “The Water We Drink”) on our website.  From our home page (www.cbbwater.com) look under the “Forms & Reports” for the “Water Quality Report”.

The report indicates no violations of drinking water regulations occurred during 2012.  Also no microbiological contaminants were found during any of the sampling tests taken during 2012.  Additionally any contaminants detected were all below allowable levels.

You can be proud that your water system posted such good results during 2012, but remember this did not happen by accident.  These good results are a product of a lot of hard work and planning by the System’s current and past Board of Directors, Officers, Operators and other staff members.  When you see someone associated with CBB be sure and tell them thanks for a job well done!

If you have any questions or comments on the Consumer Confidence Report please give our office a call at (318) 965-0015.