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Boil Advisory for East Linton Area


 CBB Water System, Inc.

PWS ID# 1015040 

Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Date: April 19, 2016

For Immediate Release

 Due to a water system repair, CBB Water System serving the Cypress Black Bayou area) shut off the water supply to homes on East Linton Road north of Judy Lane (Judy Lane not included), all of Juli Lane and all of Red Oak Subdivision in Benton, LA on the above date. 

Because of this outage, the water provided to homes in the above mentioned area by our water supply system is of questionable microbiological quality. 

Therefore, as a precaution, the Water System is issuing a BOIL ADVISORY effective immediately. This BOIL ADVISORY is to remain in effect until rescinded by the Water System. 

It is recommended that all consumers disinfect their water before consuming it (including fountain drinks), making ice, brushing teeth, or using it for food preparation or rinsing of foods by the following means: 

Boil water for one (1) full minute in a clean container.  The one minute starts after the water has been brought to a rolling boil.  (The flat taste can be eliminated by shaking the water in a clean bottle or pouring it from one clean container to another, or by adding a pinch of salt to each quart of water that is boiled.) 

Again, please be sure to disinfect your own water prior to consumption until you have been advised otherwise. 

Upon notification from the Office of Public Health’s Laboratory that the samples collected from our water supply have been found to be safe, the State Health Department will notify the water supply of the sample results. Upon such notification, the CBB Water System will then rescind the Boil Advisory and notify its customers that the water has been found to be safe. 

Water Supply Representative: Carl Mayer

Title:  System Manager

Date:  April 19, 2016