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No Ameba Suspected in CBB Water Supply

CBB officials participated in an internet based seminar sponsored by the State's Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) on the afternoon of October 9, 2013 to learn more about the rare ameba found in two water systems in the State of Louisiana and the State's recommended preventative actions.  CBB is following the guidelines recommended by the DHH.  Testing is not recommended, and actually not practical since such tests are carried out by the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) only in cases where other factors indicate a need for such testing.  The State's focus is encouraging all systems to maintain a certain level of free chlorine in all parts of the distribution system.  In both systems where the ameba was found it was discovered that the ameba resided in water that showed little or no free chlorine at the sites that were affected/tested.

CBB routinely maintains chlorine levels high enough to kill the ameba (and all other bacteriological matter)  in all areas of the System.  However as a precaution CBB will conduct additional testing of the system and adjust chlorine levels if necessary to meet the State's recommendations.

Just for information, if you are exposed to water that contains the ameba (extremely unlikely in our water system since we maintain adequate free chlorine levels), drinking water with the ameba is not harmful.  It is only harmful if pulled deep into the nasal cavity where it can easily migrate to the brain.  Therefore you should not use tap water (from any water system) with a neti pot. 

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

The State of Louisiana has set up a website at http://www.dhh.la.gov/waterfacts that will answer many of the questions that you may have.